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Hello world!

The Internet is strange. It is full of websites and some even include lists. Lists full of videos for example like this one:

Don't worry, this post is really a Déjà-vu. In fact, it's even the third incarnation

This stranger gets quite a bit of publicity it seems…

I mean, you are coming back from an exhausting offline week with 11 of "your kids" (>= 15 years; + 2 more "caregiver") involving walking 140 km in week and now that you can't move anyway anymore you want to relax a bit and watch the recordings (thanks video team btw!) of DebConf11 and you start with the loveliest sounding one - at least if you were GSoC 2010 student implementing Multiarch in APT - Multiarch in Debian: 6 months (or 6 years) on expecting a nice talk, some progress report, maybe some answers for questions and all that stuff and out of a sudden Steve drops your name…… three times in a single talk!

I am evaluating now solutions to the problem of becoming popular, so prepare to be impeached for mentioning my name in any kind of media in the future. I'm Batman! Shhh!. Every time such things happen it's harder for me to keep my beloved 'IANAD{D,M}' badge… how do you think my 'I am not responsible for this' claim will work without it…

More seriously through, I will go now and hunt down all my old school teachers and all the other people who where unable to pronounce my name after what felt like a trillion times of 'it's easy, just say "Day-vid Kahl-nisch-kies"'-remarks and show them a video of a non-native German speaker who is able to do it (mostly) correctly without this hint and straight from his memory!

But in the end, I am the last one who is able to complain about names as I have an inborn brain-defect which renders me unable to remember any name longer than a split-second… 😉

P.S. from 2015: This post was never published. It was only written and saved to a draft folder to be reviewed after I had a bit of time to recover… but I never went back to publish it, so now 4 years later…