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Week 0: Bonding is over

The last two weeks were quite interesting. I was already an APT contributor so it wasn't to hard to get "familiar" with Michael, deity@ already loves/hates me anyway and all the other lists are either already spammed with unrelated stuff from me or are still spam-pending. But every other day you "meet" someone new, stumble across a list you haven't subscribed yet or find a new bug you want to fix.

I bond also in the communities bonding sense: After UDS-L in Dallas Canonical was again crazy kind enough to invite me a second time - this time to UDS-M in Brussels.

Many interesting topics, much GUI stuff and in this case only partly interesting for me as a consolicer but good non the less, but also more interesting topics like btrfs support - let us hope b(e)t(te)rfs can keep the promises. An easy "go back to before the dist-upgrade" will at least help all testers (and the paranoids) in good old not-(often-)breaking Debian unstable and downstream equivalents. πŸ™‚

Also, and that is even more interesting, you can meet a lot of cool people at the UDS. As I am unable to attend real as well as mini DebConf I am happy that I could meet at least a few people in person (again) there. Really good to be able to associate a face and a voice to a name and a bunch of mails (if I only could remember them all).

So thanks again Canonical for the invite & sponsorship, Michael for guiding me and Stefano for recognizing me… still unbelievable, I talked (a very short while) with the DPL! πŸ˜„

All this is already a week behind - last week I was a bit out of it. I really thought the UDS Hangover wouldn't be so hard as I traveled only ~5 hours without timezone change at all. I was never so wrong, I guess. A lot of work had accumulated, some formal GSoC stuff, some student duties and finally young-leader isn't only a nice title: "My kids" had organized a lovely concert on Sunday which was pretty impressive. I have made some audio records, but as they are unreviewed by now I don't know if they sound good - I hope for the best. My records from the UDS-M Allstars were unfortunately not very good. 😞

So, for now enough for the at least one day too late report from the last two weeks.

Yesterday the "hacking" phase began, so I should now start to squashing some bugs out of APT again. πŸ˜‰