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Hello world!

The Internet is strange. It is full of websites and some even include lists. Lists full of talks for example like this one:

This APT has Super Cow Powers

DebConf15 talk on 2015-08-18 at 18:00 until 19:00 in Heidelberg/Germany:
Package management is a solved problem. Everyone knows how it works, nothing ever changes and there are enormous teams maintaining the tools involved which many people use and complain about everyday. In short: Fun is to be had elsewhere - or is it?
Confessions of an apt developer about the past, present and future of APT, the super cow powers in it and why you might want to care.

Don't worry, this post is really a Déjà-vu. In fact, it's even the fourth incarnation so by now it is a tradition – and traditions are good to reinstantiate old things like this blog¹. [Good boy, is it really four years later already… lets see if I can drop a few lines a bit more often here again now.]

This time around its the fault of "the stranger" through, as he proposed this himself (based on the fact that Michael did it last year, so its only fair if I do it now…).

This is the second Debconf for me now, after DebConf13 in Swiss, so I kinda know the drill now and it isn't a far away travel, but I am still near heart attack scared of what is ahead as this will be my first public talk in front of a big audience and as its gone be recorded I will be able to watch my mistakes on stage for all of eternity. 😉

Double exciting even as I signed up for DebCamp as well, so my DebConf experience will actually start tomorrow already. Tomorrow. weeeehh! See you there I hope. 😄

¹ Not actually this blog. The domain is new (more like 2 years old already, but I took my time to use it for what I wanted it for – to word it positively), but takes over the content of my old blog on Wordpress. This page is built with ikiwiki btw – much better. 🙂

Update: LWN covered the talk in an article and the video team provides a recording of my talk.