Week 8: I have a new e-mail address

So, today I got a new e-mail address. That is an interesting development as I wasted a bit of time into stetting it all up, but as that is basically already Week 9 material, lets recap last week:

As suspected it was a bit slower than last week, due to setting up and "hanging out" at our wine booth (tear down tomorrow), so I was happy to had some buffer. Actually, I ended up not doing what I planed but "wasted" most of the week on debugging http strangeness's, avoiding libstdc++6 bugs and most importantly work on acquire system in relation to repositories apt considers insecure or weakly secured and how packages with the same "problems" are dealt with. Sounds boring and it pretty much is, but people run into this issue (there is a certain joy in fixing a bug before it is "officially" reported) and while we talked about it for a while, nobody really did it…

Anyway, that meant that my EIPP merge I was hoping for isn't done yet – it merges cleanly on top of master & all tests pass, but I hadn't the time to review it again (and again and again – attempted perfectionism isn't even close in describing what I tend to do with patches; and they are still riddled with bugs…)… so, I pushed it to a wip branch for now as it is midterm evaluation week now.

As said earlier that branch is concerned with adding EIPP itself (20 files changed, 1120 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)) only, a lot of code already moved to master in earlier weeks as part of EDSP fixes, ordering code changes and stuff (a bit harder to calc as its intermixed with other changes I did in my free time on other things I have to subtract, but the neutralized running total in that branch should be around: 73 files changed, 2423 insertions(+), 1002 deletions(-)).

So, now that I mentioned it, with midterm this week I will have to pass some formalities (filling questionnaires mostly) I will probably talk about in the next report, I will surely get my EIPP merge done early on & start the last part of my GSoC project: Introducing the new planner 'eoe' (acronym suggested by Michael, meaning too be revealed later). Oh, and I will probably play a bit with my new account given that I should have more time this week. 🙂