Week 4: I don't speak Perl

(as expected, later than usual – only covering last week,not the two days of the new week)

Most of the week was "wasted" on refactoring the code I had written so far – especially in code I can merge "right away" (not yet done, but next week) and code strictly related to EIPP.

A major timesink was me trying to come up with a patch for pkg-config to fix up APTs (and dpkgs) testsuite by using the new DPKG_ROOT facility as the relevant code is written in Perl and I don't have any experience with it… lets just say: It was hard, especially with my perfectionism coming through trying to support spaces and stuff in the path. A bit more on the rational for this & the patch in all its glory can be found in the bugreport #824774.

Apart from that bugs and mails were answered, but nothing especially out of the ordinary so instead of recounting them I refer you to deity@ if you are interested & instead move on to get something done for this week. 🙂

As said last time, the game plan is now that we can generate a scenario to feed this back into an 'externalized' internal planner and then let this planner spit out a solution apt would need to eat and act upon. So lots of fun until midterm…