Return of the Kindle

Amazons Kindle is a nice device. I can't say like others that my reading habit exploded, but as I am traveling a lot by train between hometown and university its quite useful to read a bit of university stuff on it, play a silly game or really reading a book. All in all it well worth the investment last year in Orlando, FL. Shipping and Taxes always kill the fun in buying something online if it's not sold in Germany…

Anyway, a week before Paris I had a problem: I planed reading "Ender's Game" as I thought the reservation-only train will be overcrowded so no space to "play" on my laptop - but my kindle only showed my screensaver and didn't reacted to anything. I noticed a one inch thick line in the middle of the device all across the screen and a few others just a few dots thick and high. What the hell? First my sheeva was fried and now a broken screen on my kindle.

Thankfully amazon saved my travel. After a lovely phone call (= none of "please hold the line", silly music, "have you tried"-questions after describing I already did that) the women on the other side of world and phoneline said "we will sent a replacement to …… I can't pronounce that!" 😄 Germany streets end most of the time with "straße" (which is our word for street). Please try to pronounce it now if you didn't even know the second last letter. 😛

It was sorted out and just a few days later well in time for Paris UPS handed me the package over. Incredible service! I am saying that now before even returning the broken one, so the process is not really over, but I am so fascinated that I had to say that now as I would be more than shocked now if something would go mad now…

Oh and for the record: I don't know why the screen broke in the first place: I had it lying around openly so in theory nothing which could have caused it – beside our cat maybe. She likes sitting on top of basically everything… but I have no prove, I am just trying to not give her an opportunity again. Tiger, I am watching you! 😉

(this post is backdated to fit better into the chronology)