Week 9: Testing stuff

Last week was relatively short. I had to pass an exam on Friday in Net Centric Systems, our bachelor practice asks for a lot of attention (still writing documentation and now even a bit of JSP) and last not least "my kids" (you know, not "my" - I am just the young group leader) starting to get nervous about next week (week 11) in Roma and also started to clean and prepare the old party basement. The basement was closed for at least two years now and looked exactly like this: Bad musty smell, mildew and a lot of (death) bugbears: spiders and alike. Better now but still a lot to do. Anyway, i guess that this is not of common interest. 😉

So, what do you did APT related? As usual: answered a few mails (mostly off list this time so no pointers). The biggest point code wise is the enhancement of the apt-cache (r)depends commands - they do share code now instead of maintaining their own code-copies. I did this as I need the commands a bit for my second big think this week which isn't finished yet: A shell-scripted test framework to be able to automate what currently is done manual or never. Its still missing a lot: e.g. setting up environment for dpkg to test complete runs, an easy way to deploy real test deb-packages and a way to test also http connection with a local web server as file is easy to test but not always comparable to the http method which is used far more often in real world - e.g. in the new compressed index feature.

I also mentally start to prepare "my" presentation as each GSoC project is present on DebConf for 5 minutes. I can't be around for it myself as i need to stay here in town respective i am away with my kids next week already as described above. Maybe next time… 🙂