Week 6: Miscellaneous stuff

Finally, I managed to close an existing (and not self-made) bug again 🙂 #196021: Order of package names in argument list shouldn't be relevant

The preparation for it happened the last few weeks with the CacheSets stuff and while sounding completely unspectacular I love it as it results in a bit saner (in my eyes) code and I could use funky c++ stuff like std::for_each for it. 🙂

What I want now is to change the display code for all the Lists a bit as some of them e.g. still print out the pseudo packages unfortunately. Also, the pseudo packages confuse a bit the trivial action code and last but not least some code in apt-get is a bit buggy which could be fixed now that we have more information (which packages are requested, which are extra?).

As a completely different topic I experiment with NotEquals for the MultiArch-Breaks dependencies. I have forgotten why I used two dependencies (Less and Greater) for this before… Anyway, it is active now again and we will see what breaks with these Breaks. Breaks are in general an interesting topic, as they were the last week with the Xorg upgrade, I in the mean time understand that the handling of Breaks in APT is… lets say limited. I still don't know exactly why APT wants to remove xorg in this situation but I have somehow given up on it so far. I saved my testcase, maybe I will go back to it by the time it is not as hot as it is now all day long… That is maybe also the reason why the Grow-Code for MMap still doesn't want to work…

Beside that, at Friday I finally revised my Google Sommer of Code welcome letter 🙂 Unfortunately the customs office chooses to open this letter - maybe in the hope to find drugs and big amounts of cash - but it includes "only" a notebook (the pen&paper thing), two stickers, a three pages welcome letter/payment instructions and a subletter including even more instructions and the gift card. Google claims to have included also a pen in the listing attached to the letter. That was NOT included, so either Google made a mistake or someone at FedEx or the customs office needed a new pen… Maybe I will find the time to mail them today to ask for it… I mean, I have a notebook now, but without a pen… I NEED ONE. Douglas Adams included a nice theory about these pens in one of his books, I have the strong feeling this is not Sci-Fi (as with the rest of the book) …

See/read you next week 🙂