Week 13: Test it like its hot

GSoC comes to an end in a short while so the last week was reserved for testing APT in all its glory. Not much to say about it beside that I wrote a lot of shellscripts to build packages, build archives from it, sign them, ship them over file as well as http method, can even install packages with dpkg in the test environment and so on. This thankfully showed a few small bugs in the process of writing the tests so many unstable and testing users will not be hit by them 🙂 Yeap, unstable as the releaseteam yesterday gave their go on uploading APT to unstable after many months in experimental. Over the week was also a bugreport on the deity list which made it today to a proper bugreport and blocked the upload until we reassigned it to curl… The bug is strange so it needed a while until I managed to understand why.

Friday was a bit busy as Michael was on holiday while he was requested to fill in some sort of final evaluation: Getting him on phone was a bit complicated, but all worked out well in the end. 🙂

So all in all a boring week. 😉

And this week will be even more boring as I need to prepare for an exam on Thursday…