Week 10: Do it in order!

Jepp, I am late but working against a week of backlog is hard 😉 I intended to publish this post even before my leave but some unexpected requests blocked that, so the long-awaited post for the week before I left…

Another week passed away and so you get the weekly report… a bit earlier as i am on the way to the train-station for my week of in Roma with "my kids", but let us look in the past first:

The week started with a nice bugreport which acquired most of the weeks work: #590438: Removes pseudo-essential package. Okay, the title is a bit misleading as APT doesn't remove it without replacement and it is not limited to (pseudo) essentials but it is most obvious with them. 🙂 The problem was that APT removed mawk before installing gawk which both provide awk which is a pseudo essential. So everything needed is "just" to move the installation and configuration of gawk before the removal of mawk. Easy, isn't it? 😉

The other thing wasting time without end was to push APT from debian/experimental into Ubuntu Maverick to get it in before they feature freeze and as a testcase for the transition to debian/sid and /testing which will hopefully happen better sooner than later. Some tools have really strange assumptions about the behavior of APT… (yes, I am looking at you sbuild!)

I also spent a bit of time in preparing "my" debconf presentation which will be held by Arthur Liu as I am not around in person nor online at all at that time.

(The last-minute request was btw to drop text from the slides into the speaker notes)